Why Stardew Valley Ruined My Life

The Best Time To Chill Out

If you’ve ever intended to find a game that you can play to relax to, Stardew Valley is definitely the game for you.
The slow pace of the game enables you to complete each task with ease. The calming cut scenes makes it easy to follow. The soft music that comes with each season could send you to sleep… Except if you start playing this game you will never sleep. This game, Stardew Valley, ruined my life.

When It Started To Go Downhill

It’s not often I get so into a game I can’t stop playing it for a week straight and this is one of the main reasons Stardew Valley ruined my life.
Now, when I say ‘can’t stop playing’ I don’t mean- Oh this games fun but I’m going to get some sleep and play again tomorrow.
I mean, I cannot, will not and refuse to stop.
It took me seven days to realise and by this point I was 68 hours in.

I don’t think I would have noticed how invested I was into this game if it wasn’t for the fact I was up until 7am playing it and I had a train to Paris I needed to catch at 9.
Now most people at this point would put the game away for a little while and get back to reality. But no, here I was on the train still tapping away at the little plants I had spent the last 68 hours watering and mining for.  This was the moment I realised Stardew Valley ruined my life, slightly.

What Is The Game?

If you’ve ever got your hands on Stardew Valley you probably already know why it’s so addictive. But if you don’t I’ll explain how…

You start off as an inheritor of a farm. It then eases you into the game showing all the things you will need to do and invest in as a part of the game.
You’ll probably then plant a few crops, clear the way a little bit and maybe meet all the villagers who are, for the most part, friendly.
The game has something for every type of person. You can farm, mine, fish, be social and learn weird things from a wizard.
Bare in mind this is just a short insight into what the game is about, there are so many more elements to it that you can dive deep into.

Why Do I Hate It?

Stardew Valley is the kind of game you never really knew you wanted until you stumbled upon it one day on the Steam store or console store. It’s a game of growth, in more ways than just farming, that expands at a beautifully timed pace with a beautiful aesthetic.
The characters backstories and interactions tailor it to an older audience which creates an atmosphere of nostalgia from the old school harvest moon style games whilst also making it suitable to engage in as an older gamer.
But, none of this is a reason to hate a game right?


Because of all those reasons, along with multiple tasks to carry out each day, it means you will want to invest all of your time into the game whilst letting your real life slip away from you one hour at a time.
You find that Stardew Valley ruined your life because you’ve spent all summer growing peppers just so you can make pepper poppers for Shane to love you. Or, you spent 4 Stardew days in the mine trying to get enough coal to create a copper bar so you no longer have to water your plants or can upgrade your axe.

laptop with Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Ruined My Life

In short, if you’re looking for a game to immerse yourself in without thinking too much about it then Stardew Valley is the game for you. You can pick what you want to do, expand on and create. You can also pick when you want to do it.
But if I hadn’t spent so much time trying to get the mermaid shell so Shane would finally marry me or tried ages to get this one catfish so that I could finish the page at the community center then I probably would have got a lot more things done with my week and not had to have rushed to catch a train, that I almost didn’t make.

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