Trying To Kill Emily

I’m currently on my way to completing Until Dawn and obtaining the platinum trophy.
The most interesting part o f this game is the many outcomes that it can throw at you once you’ve completed each individual story line. All of your actions and choices actually amount to a real different outcome. There’s not much time to pick the right choices, you’re not even sure if it’s the right one and it’s a matter of life or death. Literally.

So let me tell you that when I’m trying my very hardest to kill off that little bitch Emily and I fail every time even though there are multiple opportunities to kill her off it is the most frustrating thing I have ever come across in any game.

Emily is by far the least likable character in the game. Although almost all the characters are pretty crappy people. However, sometimes that’s your fault for making them that way….

Until Dawn is a great game to play if you don’t really want to do much in terms of aiming or problem solving, It’s more of a story with choices.
It grabs you more with atmosphere and story line than it does game play elements. But it still makes you want to play all over again to see a different outcome which is rare with most story games that I play and not only that, it’s actually pretty scary.

It’s a very teenage orientated game. It focuses on young adult drama but on a much more dramatic scale. It takes it one step higher and pushes the boundaries of realism.
But it also has elements of legends and myths. Overall it’s a very cliche teen horror movie but where you would usually be screaming at your TV to run the other way or to stop and hide so he can’t find you, you can actually do it yourself! Not only that you put yourself into the characters shoes and you’re able to see why the people in those movies make such silly mistakes because I guarantee you will do the same! I know I certainly did.

It’s hard to fault this game although I do wonder if it would have felt better if there were more elements of game play as well as the focus on decision making. But the sheer effort that went into the psychology, actor motion capture perfection as well as the identical character graphic design and the many story lines it offer. It almost seems entirely rude to even question why they didn’t do certain things differently because everything else makes up for that entirely.

I would definitely recommend this game, even if you played it once and never touched it again like most story games. But I don’t recommend you do that as it has so much more to offer than just a story.

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