My Traumatic Wedding: A Sims 4 Love Story

I’ve recently got back into the swing of playing Sims. I’ve only ever owned “The Sims”. That’s right.
The OG of them all and trust me it makes me feel OLD.

I then decided one night at 3am that I had to play it and I could not sleep until I did. So I popped up my Origin and downloaded Sims 4.
Little did I know about the trauma that was on the horizon.

Now I’m not sure how many people reading this are going to be aware of how easy it is to meet, fall in love, woohoo and marry on Sims 4. But when I tell you it’s been a day it should give you some perspective. So I propose to this Sim that my guy has fallen in love with in just over 24 hours of knowing each other exist and only 24 hours since one of them has even existed for. To be honest it’s all a little bit Vegas… We all know that can only end in a happily ever after, surely.

I then realise that neither of them have any friends and family to invite because despite being fully grown adults neither of them know a single other soul in their entire universe. So I set about meeting every single Sim possible to meet within the next couple of days.

The wedding day finally arrives. We all rock up suit and tie, feeling good, sun shining.
I’m completing all the tasks, thanking guests, buying drinks etc and the the ceremony starts.

This is where it all begins…. And I don’t mean my happy marriage.

The ceremony starts and we’re putting on our rings ready to spend the rest of our sim lives together when we are rudely interrupted.

Cut to a clip of some old lady that I’d invited on a whim and barely knew at all keeling over and dying on the floor.

Disrespectful. Could she not wait 5 more minutes.

Anyway, the result of this meant that my wedding ended a little like this….

What’s the worst situation your sims have put themselves in? P.S. taking away the pool ladders doesn’t count.

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  • Marek

    Hej, szczerze polecam oferte biura projektowego Sztuka Ogrodowa z Warszawy. Bardzo podoba mi sie ich profesjonalizm.
    U mnie zrobili super robote i jestem bardzo zadowolony z rezultatu (moge podeslac kilka zdjec mojego ogrodu)
    link do ich strony:

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