A Resident Evil Horry Story

It’s not often you find somebody reviewing a game they haven’t completed. But this girl is.
I’m a horror movie enthusiast. There’s not a movie I’ll say no to because it sounds “too scary”. Games, like Outlast, however are a different story. Resident Evil: Biohazard is an even further fetched story than I ever imagined coming across.

Firstly, I didn’t even play this game alone. I was clutching the arm of my boyfriend as he bravely strode down the corridors of the old house….

Okay, maybe I’m being too dramatic. He actually was just as scared as I was but there were many moments I refused to turn the corner after hearing my own footsteps multiple times on those ridiculous wooden boards and coming to the conclusion that we were about to die a horrible painful death… nine times out of ten this was the case.

Why Play It?

Resident Evil: Biohazard is indefinitely the scariest game I have ever (half) played. It has jump scares (my nemesis), gore and incredible tension with intense atmosphere.
Although at the beginning you’re slightly wondering how this game relates at all to any other Resident Evil game where you’re some badass with a gun instead of just some guy who lost his massively weird girlfriend (Well, I say weird but her and I have similarities when I’m hungry). The game very quickly shows you signs of the Resident Evil universe… Although I kind of wish they didn’t.

What About VR?

I was called many vulgar words on twitter about this game and although I swear on this blog a lot, some words are just too disgusting to repeat.
One question I was asked a few times was: “did you play it on VR?”


Who in what universe would ever put themselves through the torture of that game with no escape from the visual stimulation it throws at you every single second and trust me, there’s no stopping in this game. Nowhere is safe. Not even the save rooms.
There is nothing worse than I could think of than being totally engulfed by all of  the monsters that rip out your insides. No thanks.

But, if you’re up for being slaughtered realistic style then definitely give this game of VR a go.

Warning: You May Be Sick

I’ve always been somebody who suffers with motion sickness when playing video games.
So when this game gives you a warning from the offset about motion sickness and you’re someone like me TAKE HEED OF THIS MESSAGE.

It was definitely not a generic “take care of yourself because we have to put this in here for standard health and safety”. I had to play Biohazard in short bursts not only because it was absolutely too tense to play for any longer but also because I was overwhelmingly nauseated. More so than any other game I had played before.

I guess that’s the price you pay for such a realistic game, camera wobbling game.

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  1. Boyfriend says:

    Was not scared.

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