Pyjama Sunday: FIFA 18

Whenever a new FIFA comes out I do the same ritual of complaining that the intro’s are too long and I ‘already know how to get to the transfer market and search for a player’ or ‘I know what manager tasks are now let me do them instead of explaining it for 5 years’.
This always makes me feel like I’ve wasted a whole year playing a game, building a team, buying controllers after frequent rages to just start all over again. Why would anybody do that? It’s crazy.

But I still do it.

And I love it. I’m sure if you play FIFA, especially Ultimate Team, you love it too. There’s nothing better than all getting together whether in real life or over Twitter or a discord server (yes, we exist) and hyping up the new season. Because eventually, we get bored. We want the new game because it’s something different and this year was definitely different.


The design of the menus is something everyone that follows me on Twitter knows I am grateful for. The colour scheme is absolutely perfect.
But not only the colours, the layout of the HUD’s are so neat and clean cut in comparison to last year. Overall, it just looks smarter and there’s no simpler way to put it: better.

Squad Battles

This year FIFA has really stepped up. They’ve introduced new modes that people actually seem to enjoy and want to play. Like Squad Battles. A similar alternative to FUT Champs with just as good rewards… Well depending on where you place I guess.
However, everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be enjoying this mode and the little bit that I’ve played of it, I can see why. Even if the AI is a little more advanced than last year (that’s not Professional EA… Professional used to be easier).

The Journey: Hunter Returns

Last year The Journey didn’t get too much good press. In fact, I know most people didn’t even bother to finish it.
I have to admit, this year is significantly better. The cut scenes are more seamless than last years Journey and from what I’ve played of it so far I’m still not bored of. I remember last year I quickly became bored of this mode and went back to UT.

This is all I’ve really had time to play so far of FIFA 18. But from what I’ve seen of it so far it’s heaps better than FIFA 17 which took me by surprise since sometimes they feel it’s okay to release the same game with a new number on the cover.
I haven’t managed to find time to qualify for FUT Champs yet either but from many responses I’ve had after asking people who have played it… It’s just as frustrating as ever.
Oh PS… If you’re looking for UT coins dm me on twitter: @bambichuu

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