A Netflix Show Worth Watching: 2017 Edition

We’ve all been stuck for a Netflix show worth watching at some point in our lives.
Spending hours rifling through all the garbage on Netflix I managed to find a TV show that looked kind of worth watching after chanting to myself to not judge a Netflix show by it’s cover. Because lets be honest… That’s what we all do.
I would get half an hour into the new show and decide that… It’s still trash.
The process of looking for something would start all over or I would boot up a game and try again in an hour or so.

A Netflix Show Worth Watching

When I first discovered Netflix I thought it was the greatest thing in the entire world. But nowadays it’s telling me in the ‘try something new’ section that I should give Big Bang Theory a go.
Now let me tell you I’ve given that show a go, I’ve watched it at least ten times over. So Netflix, buddy, why are you trying to encourage me to watch it again?
Not to mention some of the shows on there are impossible to even comprehend why they were created and so poorly at that. 13 Reasons Why was honestly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen get so much hype (sorry if you enjoyed it- definitely was not a netflix show worth watching for me).
However, there are a few hidden gems among the lorry load of shows and movies and I’ve picked out a few so you don’t have to.

Stranger Things

Stranger things logo in pink- netflix show worth watching

This show was the first time I sat down in about 5 years and been totally addicted to a newly released show. I honestly feel this may be the best Netflix Original on this app ever.
Stranger Things is set in the 80’s and is about a little boy who goes missing and his friends and family are all out to find him. But here’s the cool part… HE’S TRAPPED IN ANOTHER DARK AS SHIT WORLD FULL OF DEMOGORGONS.
Not only that but there’s a cool ass little girl who can make things move with her mind.
Now let’s be real, we’ve all wanted to be able to do that at some point in our lives. Like when the TV remote is at the other end of the room and you don’t want to get up to go grab it.
So if you’re into telekinesis and cool ass sci-fi shows, this is definitely one to watch.


The Killing (US)


The Killing Netflix post screen- netflix show worth watching

There are two versions of this show on Netflix.
A Danish version with subtitles and an American version. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the Danish version but I’ve heard it’s just as good, if not better.
There aren’t many shows that I feel like I can’t leave the room because I may miss something crucial to the story. But this is definitely one of them.

It’s morbid, intense and a little bit witty and the first murder case is definitely the most captivating. It shows the investigation from all angles capturing the emotional trauma that comes from all sides. The show is definitely completed with the two polar opposite detectives thrown together to create the ultimate team at solving the murder.
If you’re ready for a lot of concentration, a thousand guesses at who a murderer may be and why they did it and few tears here and there (I say a few, that’s a lie there will be many and few gaps between) this show is it.


Black Mirror


Black mirror title card- netflix show worth watching

The first time I watched Black Mirror and got to the end of the first episode I was confused, horrified and not sure I liked it.
Each episode is unique with it’s stories and characters. Every episode tackles a new issue that we as a society create with the modern world and new technologies.
It takes a dark look at what could be for our future and takes a deep insight into the depths of the worst human natures.
The script is great, the acting is greater and it will leave you feeling disturbed to hell but it’s worth it if you can stomach your way through the first episode.


Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones title card- netflix show worth watching

It seems that Netflix is constantly churning out new Marvel shows every week. All of which are very good. I’m currently, as many are, battling my way through Marvel Defenders. But which one out of all of them is a Netflix show worth watching.
Jessica Jones however was the one Marvel show that I could not stop watching until I’d seen it all and after that I had no interest in any other show.

There’s no moment in this show where you’re bored or waiting for something to happen because every part of the show is engaging. It moves at such a brisk pace there’s almost no time to stop for a breath. In a good, non asthmatic kinda way.
Following Jones in her search for Kilgrave whilst still trying to keep her distance from him as much as possible is such a unique perspective on things and definitely something that caught my attention.




- netflix show worth watching

On the surface Riverdale seems to be another teenage drama show aimed at 13 year olds who don’t know what good TV is but managed to hype it up to the extreme. (I’m talking about you 13 Reasons Why).
I’m not sure if it’s my nostalgic inner pre-teen or whether the show actually got more engaging as you pay more attention.
However, for some reason I could not stop watching it.
It follows the murder of Jason Blossom. The show slowly unravels what happened to him as well as exposing lots of other parts of Riverdale town throughout the process.
If you’re into shows like Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl then there’s a high chance you’ll love this one too.


The Keepers


- netflix show worth watching

I’ve definitely saved the best until last when it comes to an addictive Netflix show worth watching. This show was one that I simply had to watch all in one go. I was definitely exhausted by the end of it.
The Keepers is shocking, morbid and absolutely horrifying. Especially as it’s all a true story.
It’s almost unthinkable that something like this could happen and could happen for so long without any consequence for the vermin involved.

It blows Making A Murderer out of the water with the case.
Netflix do an incredible job of structuring this documentary and every single episode leaves you with unanswered questions that you are demanding the TV answers for. By far, the heaviest Netflix show worth watching.

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