What It’s like Owning A Shiba Inu

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, you know what I’ve always wanted my entire house and all of my clothes to be covered in fur. Or,
I’d love my dog to completely ignore me whenever I ask him to do anything and equally sass me without even making eye contact, Shiba’s are for you.

When people say they are a completely unique breed they really aren’t lying.


You Will Never Be Bored

When asked what it’s like to own such an amazingly beautiful and captivating dog the first thing that pops into my head is.. “this little brat is exactly like a toddler”.

Despite not knowing English I can tell you that Shiba’s definitely know how to tell you no. They will do so as they stare right deep past your eyes and into your soul. They will knock stuff over and feel no remorse. They will scream at the top of their lungs (and yes, I mean scream.. If you’ve never heard the Shiba scream you’re lucky and I don’t recommend looking it up) at the smallest inconvenience. They will also lay right down in the middle of the road when you attempt to take them for a walk.

I don’t personally have children but I’ve heard and seen enough of toddlers to know that they are very much on par.

That being said, they have the biggest personalities. They’re cheeky and they will always want to play. If Shibas were human you would definitely either find them ruling the world or in prison for trying.

Born To Be Stubborn

There’s not too much explaining needed with this one.

If you ask a shiba to do something and they don’t want to do it I guarantee if you tapped into that extraordinary brain of theirs it would be chanting “Never give up, Never surrender”.

I also have a strong intuition that they may also do this for every other important task they carry out. Whether it’s eating their dinner or refusing to drop that chip they managed to swipe from the table. As they scuttle away from you with that “uh oh what are you going to do when you catch me” look in their eye, remember they are also chanting “Never give up, Never surrender”.

Divas In The Making

I have never met anybody quite as dramatic as a Shiba Inu and trust me, my school was full of drama queens.

My Shiba will convince us all that he’s on deaths door when he steps in a puddle and his paw gets even slightly muddy. But good luck to you and anybody who tries to help because if you go near him during this completely traumatic time then you may be met with so much squirming and wriggling as you try to dry off his paw that your towel will be torn to shreds.

Not only that but if you don’t let him out of the back door so he can hop outside just to hop right back in again, all anarchy will break loose. He will whine, he will huff.. that’s right HUFF AT YOU until you let him out.

Little Liars

I have one story that will sum up this entire section.

Everyone knows that when you first adopt a puppy they learn some very basic commands. It was the same for us too.

First came “sit”. We mastered that in about 0.000001 seconds. Shiba’s are incredibly smart dogs. Too smart.

Then came “paw”. Again 0.00000001 seconds to learn.

Where we seemed to have trouble was with “down”. If you know anything about animal psychology then you know that if a dog is to lay down then they are totally and completely submitting to you. We spent hours upon hours for days and trying every which way that you can to teach him “down”.  We even got to the point where we laughed and said “hey maybe these guys aren’t as smart as everyone makes out”.

How wrong we were.

We cracked the case after about two weeks of hardcore attempted training when I was holding his food bowl in the morning and said something along the lines of “You’re going to have to let me put it DOWN”.

Immediately he slid his back legs behind him and his whole tummy hit the floor.

That’s when we knew.

He had been playing us this whole time. Pretending like he couldn’t understand what we meant. He’s done it every time (you know, when he wants to though) since that morning.

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