Hello September: Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

September 1st has been and gone and I still haven’t got my letter for Hogwarts. Disappointed is an understatement.
But, 22nd of September, Autumn 2017, is fast approaching and I know it’s still early to get excited for all the pumpkins, cosy nights, hot chocolates and sea of crisp, burnt orange leaves across the fields in the mornings.
There are many things to get excited for in Autumn and these are my favourite…

autumn 2017 clothes

Snuggly Clothes

Being able to throw on a big jumper or scarf is one of my favourite things about Autumn.
You effortlessly look like you’ve made an effort and you almost still get the feeling of being snuggled up in bed.
I know Autumn 2017 will be no different when it comes to wearing baggy jumpers and big old scarves.

grilled cheese and soup

Pumpkin Spice

I know, typical white girl.
I thought the same when everyone ran out to Starbucks to get one the first time they became a huge craze. But, let me tell you it’s good. It’s really good. I’m sure they will be bringing it out again for Autumn 2017 and if not there are some good recipes to make your own like this one.

Not only that but there are lots of other foods that come under Autumn festivities. Although I am in England and ¬†we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I’m still thankful for the cinnamon buns and hot chocolates that come with the chillier weather. Not only that, but you can drink hot chocolate without the burning pits of hell tearing you apart from the inside out in hot summer weather.

Getting Cosy

There is nothing I love more than getting under my blanket, lighting a few candles and reading a book, watching something new or playing a good story game.
If you’re stuck for new things to read, watch or play my about page has all the things I’m up to at the moment and could give you inspiration… Or not, up to you.

But as the sun starts to hide away I always manage to find my way to my duvet (I mean I did in summer too but that’s not the point).

rick and morty tv show

TV Is Back

You cannot deny that all of the good shows will be coming back for Autumn 2017. It’s just always been the case.

  • The Walking Dead
  • Stranger Things
  • American Horror Story
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians (DO NOT JUDGE ME OKAY)
  • Big bang Theory

I mean there’s tons of stuff that start up again during the fall and I am ready for ALL OF IT.


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