What Happened To Loot Crate?

I spent the last year convincing my boyfriend that Loot Crate is worth the money. What a waste of breath that was.

I subscribed to Loot Crate as a teen, convinced it was the only happiness I had to get me through school. Before being an adult took over and I had to start spending money on things that will actually sustain me through life, no matter how much I wanted that one pop vinyl you can’t get anywhere else instead.

However, when I finally convinced my partner that it was indeed a necessity I was nothing but disappointed… Well, until it arrived.

We firstly ordered two boxes, one for me and the other for my dog (how could I not- he deserves the world).


About a month went by and still nothing came. We hopped on a live chat and was given a tracking number… We later found out this was a fake and generated on the spot by a support member. What the actual hell?

After about 2 months we cancelled the subscription and was fully refunded without anything arriving. Despite them telling us multiple times that it was on it’s way. How weird, right?!

About two weeks later we got an email saying that they’ve messed up and we’d been sent a Harry Potter loot crate and I had little hope that I would ever see it.
By this time I had searched the internet for other people’s experiences and they all said about the same thing. Loot Crate sucks.



Finally, the box arrived and my inner child came out and all was forgiven. It was packaged just as perfect as it always was and everything inside was incredible.
However, I’d seen a lot of people had not been happy with what Loot Crate have started to send out and that they’ve ‘gone downhill’ and all they sent was stickers and cheap crap. I guess this was for the standard box but it’s still such a shame seeing something most people loved become a waste… A bit like TWD???

I used to live for the arrival of Loot Crate. Not everything in it I would understand every time or have heard of but it was still an awesome little box to look forward to and my teenage self loved all the stuff I did understand.

The only explanation is that some secret organization came in and murdered every single employee of Loot Crate and replaced them with alien replicas that have absolutely no idea what’s going on or what they are doing. Should somebody check on them? Should I call someone?


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