Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything

One of the many things I’ve noticed growing up is how much people expect of you. We’re all guilty of expecting something from somebody at some point in our lives.
Everyone has this subconscious sense on entitlement that can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when they’re experiencing a more difficult time in their life.
The hard truth is you could give some of these people as much of your time as possible and it still won’t be enough.

The Lesson

I learnt the hard way that as soon as you stop doing things for people who don’t appreciate your efforts, the happier your life will be.
Now, don’t get me wrong, doing selfless acts of kindness for people is a great thing. This isn’t me telling you to only ever do nice things for people who you know care about you.
The bottom line is, put in as much effort for others as they put in for you.

This lesson took me years to learn and another bunch of time for me to accept.
I first started to learn this a few years after my first rough break up.
I had a great support group of friends surrounding me during this time. But they were most definitely in quality not quantity. In other words I could count them on my ten fingers.

However, a few years later a few people in my life would start expecting me to be there beside them for certain things.
To visit them in a time of need, or help them out in a stressful time of their lives. To hang out whenever they wanted to when I had work to be doing, or complete a task for them when I had 101 other things to do that were a higher priority.
Almost all of these people were never there for me, as much as they will claim to have been.

Being the person that I am, I would still help these people out in the best way that I could.
I found myself leaving assignments to the last minute because somebody would need me for something and I would consider that way more important than any piece of coursework.
It wasn’t for a long time that I started to notice that all of my efforts went unappreciated.

What Now?

Noticing how much the people that surround you don’t appreciate you is one thing, dealing with it and accepting it is another.
It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend that I realised how much I needed to cut out the people that didn’t contribute anything positive to my life.

By doing this I started to see myself surrounded by interesting, compassionate people that all cared about one another. Everything they did was with love and appreciation for others around them.
It’s not until you start to see this life reveal itself that you realise how much people will tell everyone and their uncle, plaster it all over social media about how much they are doing for others when in actual fact, they’re doing the bare minimum or contributing nothing at all.

I mean, if you were somebody who lived life that way, why would you be posting about it like it’s a big deal?

So what are you supposed to do about it? Expect absolutely nothing from anybody around you. You are responsible for you. However, appreciate everything that people do for you in your life that is out of their way or benefits them in no way.
You’ll start to see who’s worth having around and who isn’t.

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