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Daily ‘Get It Done’ Routine

☼ 6 AM  ☼
R I S E  A N D  S H I N E,  B E A U T I F U L

Getting enough sleep is important. waking up at the end of a REM sleep is even more important. If you feel like you’re waking up every day feeling sluggish or still tired it may be because you aren’t getting enough REM sleep. 

Download an app that will track your sleep so you know when to sleep and when you should be waking up. There’s a ton of articles and material all about REM sleep so if you don’t like to keep your phone by your bed then check out a few articles on REM sleep so you know when to set your alarm for the next day.

Oh and make your bed!!

☼ 6:30 AM ☼

The best time to eat breakfast in the morning is within the first two hours of waking up. I’m a sucker for remembering to eat breakfast especially when I have my to do list running around in my mind before I’ve even left the door. However, it’s an incredibly healthy habit to get into. 
If you’re planning the perfect daily routine definitely make sure you incorporate a good, protein and slow releasing carbohydrate filled breakfast into it. 

☼ 7 AM ☼

Working out in the morning helps you get your energy going for the day. I know, weird huh?
It’s a great mood booster and not only that it’s healthy!
I work out at the gym but you don’t need the membership to get your blood pumping in the morning. A run, walk or a quick home workout is just as good. But if the weather is nice I highly recommend getting outside and breathing in the fresh air.

☼ 9 AM ☼

If you’re wanting your day to be productive and you have emails you’re going to need replies to quickly make sure you start with making yourself a cup of coffee then, sending out and replying to any emails you may have. Emails that sent by 10am are supposedly more likely to be responded to than those sent after this time.
Most people check their emails first thing when they walk through the door in case there’s anything they need to respond to urgently. You want to make sure you’re on that list.

Plan your chunk of time in the morning that you want to be chasing people and getting emails sent out and then another half hour or so in the afternoon making sure you check for any replies.

☼ 10 AM ☼
T O  D O  L I S T

I make sure I write out a to-do list at the end of every day so the next day I can come into work and know exactly what I need to be doing that day. Sometimes more gets added to the list on the day but I always make sure I try to stick to it so that things don’t get left undone and screw me up later.

Put the most chilled out easy thing at the end of you’re list when you’re planning. This makes sure you’re doing all the hard things with your energy levels high and by the end of the day when you’re done and just want to get home these tasks will seem really easy and in turn you’re less stressed, perfect!

☼ 1 PM ☼

Have a regular lunch every day, if you usually go at 1, stick to it as your body will create an internal routine and that way you can know your body, what it needs and when. The later it’s left, the more your focus will waiver. Also, it’s been proven that eating larger meals at lunchtime and lighter ones for dinner is better for you. Eating heavy meals supposedly disrupts sleep. However, if you’re eating dinner way before you’re going to bed I don’t think this should be an issue. Never starve yourself.

Get away from your desk! My dog comes with me to work so I always make sure I take some time out to walk him and enjoy the outside. Then I eat my lunch without touching my computer. If you don’t do this your eyes will get tired. 

☼ 3 PM ☼

I always try to schedule meetings at 3pm. If you leave it any later people are itching to get out of the door.
If you make it too early people may not even be prepared. 
However, if you aren’t in charge of booking meetings or haven’t got any control over when they fall try to plan your day around these so you can be fully present in the meeting. 

☼ 4 PM ☼

I’m a creative thinker and I love to be creative. Because of this I leave this part of the day to the end. This gives me a chance to do something I love in the few hours before I go home. 
It’s also less strain on the brain. You aren’t doing anything too big that takes up all your energy but you can still get creative and do something fun. In this time I like to:

-Plan blog posts
-Work on new strategies for the business
-Take photos for projects
-Look at new ideas for social media and the website

☼ 7 PM ☼
S O C I A L  T I M E

This is my time to reply to friends, family and loved ones that I didn’t get a chance to during the day.
Even if it’s colleagues that you’re just going out for a drink with.
If I’m not replying on the phone I’m probably out with them for a drink or dinner. We’re social creatures and keeping in touch with those we love is important whether you’re still at work or on the way home. It will boost your mood, keep you positive and not only that, they will feel loved and appreciate that you got in contact.

☼ 8 PM ☼

Eat dinner with enough time before your bed time. Otherwise it may interfere with your digestion and your sleep. Carb free meals are best. However, do what you feel you need to do in order to get enough nutrients into your body.

☼ 9:30 PM ☼
L O G  O F F

9:30 is when I put my phone down for the night. Digital detoxing is important. It also stops you from wasting all night on your phone. Instead I do a little self care with things like: 

-skin care

☼ 10 PM ☼

Winding down in the evening is good for shutting off your work brain. Take a bath, read, spend some time with your partner like watching a movie, bake or play games.
Relaxing your mind away from the busy scrolling of social media will help you get more in touch with yourself and also keep you productive before bed.

☼ 10:30 – 11 PM ☼

I go to sleep between 10:30 and 11pm. You should aim for eight hours of sleep every night so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. 
I read in bed with a sleepy tea such as chamomile until my body starts to realize it’s time for bed.

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