• My Traumatic Wedding: A Sims 4 Love Story

    I’ve recently got back into the swing of playing Sims. I’ve only ever owned “The Sims”. That’s right. The OG of them all and trust me it makes me feel OLD. I then decided one night at 3am that I had to play it and I could not sleep until I did. So I popped up my Origin and downloaded Sims 4. Little did I know about the trauma that was on the horizon. Now I’m not sure how many people reading this are going to be aware of how easy it is to meet, fall in love, woohoo and marry on Sims 4. But when I tell you it’s…

  • Beginners Guide To Stardew Valley

    If you ever stumble upon the pit that is Stardew Valley I am so sorry and welcome to the No-Life society. When I first dived into the world of slimes and starfruits I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Boy did it show in my technique as my pockets filled with stones and copper ore and my parsnips all died because oh my gosh is it effort to keep watering them e v e r y day. I quickly learned a few things that helped me become the ultimate farmer and let me tell you my life has been better ever since…. In the game I mean. I’m…

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    Why I Can’t Play CS:GO

    Little do you know that within a month you will complete the transformation of normal human being to an actual bottle of salt and the person you played with that very first game is actually you from the future and you were just merely laughing at yourself whilst you proceed to smash everything around you.