Beginners Guide To Stardew Valley

If you ever stumble upon the pit that is Stardew Valley I am so sorry and welcome to the No-Life society.
When I first dived into the world of slimes and starfruits I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Boy did it show in my technique as my pockets filled with stones and copper ore and my parsnips all died because oh my gosh is it effort to keep watering them e v e r y day.

I quickly learned a few things that helped me become the ultimate farmer and let me tell you my life has been better ever since…. In the game I mean. I’m sorry, it won’t impact your real life in the slightest.

But like that matters anyway because you’re trapped in Stardew Valley like the rest of us forever, right?


Make sure you’re upgrading all your tools. It will make planting crops and watering them so much easier and will save you heaps of energy. Not only that it helps you remove the big stones and logs from your farm and opens up the secret forest which you can find below your farm to the left of the big tree/travelers cart:


Crops are important for your income because you can’t be fishing all day every day so as soon as you get the chance upgrade your tools.


The community center will help you unlock a lot of things that you didn’t know existed and will help grow your farm a lot quicker.
You have two options for the community center, to go with the jojo mart method which means you’re a filthy sellout. Or you can collect the items and make everyone in the town love you which brings me onto the next point….



Relationships are so much more important than I ever realised in the game.
The more relationships you form and the more hearts you get the more you benefit from it. You will unlock recipes, places, get sent items and gifts all to help you on your way.
You can give two gifts per person each week and talk to them twice a day. Make sure you are doing this with at least a few at a time.


Money helps, but not everything requires just money. Items are just as important when you need to build or craft and it’s impossible to advance without doing both of those things.
When I first started out I spent so much time trying to grab as much gold as I could so I could buy all the things I need. I thought I was doing great until I walked into Robins house and Clints blacksmith with all the money I needed but none of the items.
Make sure you’re spreading your time out evenly between collecting and investing.


Stardew Wiki is your best friend. Anything about everything you need to know is on there. From fish and the seasons they appear in to events and how they play out and what you have to do to trigger them.

This is your bible for getting through the game as best as you can. Use it if you want the best experience out of the game possible.

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