Be Grateful

Be Grateful

This past week has been rocky for me.
Not for any particular reason other than my own self and the moods I’ve put myself in. I’m not sure if it’s true for anybody else but I am someone who tends to go looking for something new if I’m feeling down. Every time this is materialistic. It could be new clothes, a new video game, food, anything.
I would order all of these things online and the problem with that is by the time it comes I’m already out of the slump and feeling better so it doesn’t change a thing. Not only that, it’s evolved so far from being something that helps me feel better to a habit.

We spend so much time focusing on the future and the things that we want to make our lives better we forget sometimes what’s already in front of us. It’s easy to lose sight of this.
So I grabbed myself a gratitude journal. Every day you write something or multiple things you are grateful for on that day. It can be as simple as the hot water in the shower. This all revolves around selflessness. Focusing on the things and people around you that make a positive difference in your life and how they help you and thanking them for it.

I challenge you to show somebody you know and love how grateful you are to have them.

Compliment them,

Listen to them and be supportive,

Write them a letter.

Or, just simply spend time with them.

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