It’s time for Bambi’s best games! The year is coming to an end and I’ve managed to bash my way through an incredible selection of games. Some were amazing, some were okay. None of them this year I particularly hated or disliked which has been great!
Out of the many that I’ve played I’ve selected my top game for each of the categories!


Stardew Valley

Some readers may remember my very emotional post earlier in the year about the roller coaster I went on when it came to Stardew Valley.
I picked this game up back in February somewhat reluctantly. I was unsure that I would put in the hours for “just some farm game” that cost £10. For me, if I’m spending money on a game, I really want it. I just wasn’t sure with this one.

I definitely don’t regret it. for £10 this game has risen it’s way past the £50 massively marketed games as one of my all time favourite games. It’s chilled and has so many different elements to it. If you want to know more about what it’s all about or my thoughts on it check it out here.


Resident Evil: Biohazard

If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably been following my Resident Evil 7 struggle. This game is absolutely terrifying which is why it makes my favourite story game that I’ve played this year (Sorry uncharted). I’m too much of a wuss to give it a go on VR. But after finally finishing the story part of the game (working on a plat) I’ve determined it to be the most immersive game that I’ve played this year even without VR. It’s also definitely the scariest game I’ve probably ever played.


Call of Duty: WWII

I’ve been mourning the end of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ever since the servers on PS3 went down. I now own it on Steam however it’s just not the same anymore. I’ve always been more of a Battlefield girl and that was even more so when Call Of Duty, in my opinion, went downhill and very sci fi.

Call of Duty WWII went back to basics of their older versions, like COD 4. It reaped the rewards from more than just me because of it. I was debating whether it would even be worth buying the new Call of Duty after the shocking games prior to it that they released (aside from the gem that is COD 4 Remastered).

The money I spent on this game did not disappoint. I surprisingly enjoyed this one more than I thought I would.
The campaign was exceptionally good and I fled through that in just over two days.

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