5 Reasons That Online Friends Are Best

Only us hermits with internet friends understand the struggle of trying to stifle a laugh whilst you’re being sent the funniest pictures. Especially as you’re on the bus to school whilst they’re wrapped up in bed still.
Not to mention the weird looks from those around us as they watch us clearly go red, wiping away our tears and trying not to explode out in laughter.
Or the late night conversations which you confide in all of the parts of your life that you never thought you would mention to anybody else and didn’t dare to talk to anyone in your real life about out of fear of being judged. Like how much you really do enjoy minecraft despite it constantly being the butt of a joke. Or how you still log into your old Runescape account every now and then.

The thing is, I’ve met some of the best friends I could ever have on the internet. I’m sure all of you guys probably have similar experiences with those you’ve met online too. But why is it that we all managed to gel together so well?

1- You choose each other

Right from when you’ve very first thrown into pre-school your friends are laid out for you. You make the best of what you have and sometimes that means you have absolutely nothing in common with the people around you.
The best part of the internet is how you can stumble onto someone from any part of the world and immediately click with them over something completely random.
Whether it’s a game or a specific type of food that you call different to them (by the way it’s crisps not chips).

I choose the friends I make on the internet and they chose me too… As much as they were reluctant to do so. Appearance doesn’t matter and nobody looks intimidating. You’re all just kids with mics yelling at the top of your lungs probably later than you should.
It also gives you more of a sense of belonging knowing that they could shut down their computer and ignore you forever, but they choose to keep you in their life despite them being half way across the world. Which brings me to my next point…

2- You learn about the world

Meeting people from around the world opens up your mind to new concepts (like how crisps are called crisps and not chips, just an FYI).
You see how life is different in other places and you get to learn time zones off by heart, even if they are a massive pain in the ass. Or how schools are structured differently and foods that you’ve never heard of before. It’s all a learning experience even if you do get yelled at with a ‘HOW CAN YOU NEVER HAVE HEARD OF THIS BEFORE’.

3- You Love The Same Stuff (Mostly)

Most of the time you meet people on the internet already doing exactly what you love. Whether it’s a video game or on twitter as part of a fandom. Chances are you bond and start talking over common interests. Which tend to develop into more common interests.
It almost seems uncanny that you’ve met somebody so far away that likes the exact same things as you and by chance you’ve been thrown into the same lobby as them or interacted to the same tweet.
But as time goes on you’ll see that lots of people on the internet are interested in the same things and that’s what makes it so awesome.
And if you don’t?? Then you know you’re in for a long debate tonight about why one is better than the other.

4- You’re Accepted

ghosts hugging

It doesn’t matter what your past is, what your future is going to be, what you look like or even who you are.
Your internet friends will always accept you without judging. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people on the internet who will judge you and everything that you are doing with your life. But those you choose to keep in your circle tend to be accepting of all your flaws and ride past them like they don’t even exist.
It’s a love and mutual respect for each other that is hard to find in the real world- but, not impossible!

5- Pajamas

If you know me you know I’m always going to be in my pajamas whenever I get the chance. I mean, even in real life I’d rather be hanging out with my friends in pajamas. But you can’t always get away with that.
Being friends with people on the internet has no dress code. You can be hanging out all day long making no effort into your appearance in your pajamas and still have the best time.


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