10 Ways To Get Self Motivated

Getting self motivated when you would rather be watching Harry Potter in bed with a big bowl of chips is hard.
Staying self motivated when you’ve finally dragged yourself out of Hogwarts and started whatever it is you have to do that day is even harder.

There are 11 things that definitely help me motivate myself and keeps me motivated enough to get everything done that even I feel like I could take down you-know-who single handed. (Take that Harry).

1- Have a goal

laptop and candles on a bed

Having a goal is a must for me when it comes to getting my shit together and getting it done.
If I’m not working towards anything then I’m not working.

If your goal is massive or isn’t something that you can complete in a week or a month, set yourself ‘mini goals’.
These are little stepping stones on the way to your overall goal and each one should make you feel a little closer once it’s completed.

2- Kick start and plan ahead


The only way I could keep myself from finding ways out of my responsibilities was by scheduling everything I needed to do and sticking to it.


Trello is one of the best free apps I’ve used when it comes to organisation. It allows you to create to do lists with deadlines, notes and colour codes to make sure you’re getting everything that you need to get done, done.

Phone Notes

If you aren’t somebody that likes lots of different apps on your phone then using the notes section in your phone is another really good, simple way of making to-do lists. Just make sure that you set an alarm every morning with a reference to check the notes because if you’re like me, you will forget.


Phone CalendarIphone calendar screenshot


Using your phone calendar to set weekly tasks and keeping to time frames is a really good way of making sure you get things done in good time and it prevents your from putting things off or ‘doing them later’.
Before I started using my calendar I would almost always find myself back in bed on Netflix or Overwatch instead of doing what I needed to do.

3- Phone Background

A good way of keeping motivated or to remind yourself of something is by setting it as your phone background. This can work more than for just tasks and to-do’s.
For example, when I’m in a grump I end up grumping at everyone around me too. So I set my phone background with a reminder to not take things out on other people.

Here are some of the ones that I’ve used in the past:

You are your only limitmake it happen shock everyoneyou got this

4- Check Up On Your Goals

When you start to feel yourself losing motivation, check up on your goals, why you started and how good it’s going to feel once it’s done.

I mean that’s all I got to say about that right? It will speak for itself…

5- Stay Healthy

healthy food

the best start to helping your brain be more healthy, active and productive is by physically taking care of yourself.

Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep every night. REM sleep is key to making sure your brain is working at it’s prime.

EAT and stay hydrated. Keep your brain foods going. Try to avoid junk foods but if you can’t then no sweat, just make sure you have enough food and drink in your system to keep your brain going and your tummy happy.

Exercise is the last important thing when it comes to keeping your mind active. Keeping your body happy means your mind will start to follow.
Whether it’s 15 minutes of yoga or going for a run or a full blown workout session, make sure you get that exercise in.

6- Find A Friend

Buddy up and find somebody who will keep you motivated and you can motivate them.
Positivity bounces off positivity and finding somebody who has good motivation will help both of you out.

7- You Time

bath with kindle and wine

Make sure you’re taking breaks.
It’s easy to get motivated and want to get everything done all at once and eventually burn yourself out.
It’s one of the biggest killers of motivation once you’ve lagged out and retired to bed for the rest of the week.

Taking things one step at a time and taking regular breaks will help this.
Read a book, take a walk, do something that will keep your mind and body active.

NO TV. This will kill off your brain and you won’t want to keep the momentum going.

8- Environment

clean desk space

Keep your work space clean and clutter free.
Spot clean your area so that there’s no mess and any mess before you start is cleaned up.
Tidy desk is a tidy mind and all that shit.

9- Build On Success

If you start to wander away from your motivation check back on the goals you’ve already completed and think about how good it felt to finally get that done.
This should help you as you take on a new task and work towards your next goal.

10- Quotes

This doesn’t work for everybody and if you’re like me then you find some of the quotes out there dumb. There are a few good ones out there to keep you going. Finding the ones that work for you can be really helpful. Even if you print them out and stick them on your wall.

quote 1

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